artivism workshop nigeria began its work in 2008 to highlight the fact that climate change is one of the most important issues facing humanity. The big challenge at the time was the realisation that there is a complete lack of political will to reduce the impacts of climate change.

We are thus building a global climate movement through online campaigns, grassroots organising and mass public actions that are coordinated by a global network active in over 188 countries.

As part of our mass public actions, we have identified the use of artivism (Art and Activism) as a key component to mobilising. Artists, in any given society, are seen as influential figures, who can bring attention to social issues.

350 Africa has been using artivism at its events, and has built a good relationship with different groups of artists over the past few years. This relationship, has sparked new potential for 350 Africa to spread its climate justice message to a larger, youthful audience.

Artivism Workshop

350Africa is committing itself to building the next generation of artivists who are interested in addressing social issues in their work. As a climate justice movement, we have identified different artistic mediums as an effective way to communicate our message with the greater public.

 In Nigeria, artists such as Femi Kuti have been contributing a notable amount of effort in addressing social issues. 350 Africa would like to train and build a network of artivists who are willing to commit themselves to the climate justice movement in Nigeria and beyond.

We are recruiting 10 candidates who are interested in partaking in an artivism workshop organised by 350 Africa. This workshop will provide the necessary trainings and skills for shortlisted candidates to start their own journey as artivists in Nigeria. The candidates will then be given the opportunity to contribute in the upcoming Break Free Event and other future campaigns and activities as artivist ambassadors.

The workshops are planned to take place in second half of April 2016.

This workshop is mainly for applicants who live in Abuja, as we cannot provide transport to applicants from all states. However, strong applicants from  other cities may be allow, if it fits within our budget limits.

The shortlisted candidates will be informed via email early April.