The urgency of climate change motivates us to take immediate action—calling on governments to do their fair share to get us back below 350 ppm CO2. But the scale of the issue also requires us to think strategically and build a powerful, long-term movement. Running climate leadership workshops is one of the best ways we know to strengthen and build that movement.

This page is a hub for the Climate Leadership Workshops held around Africa.  At these workshops, we trained organizers around Africa, helping them become more confident, equipped, and energized to take on the challenge of climate change.  This page will include links to Facebook groups set up by the participants, as well as events they are hosting, and other relevant information.

Visit our Workshops site for a toolkit with materials and a calendar to find workshops or sign up your own.

Group photo of the Nigeria workshop, August 2011


July 2011 Nairobi, Kenya workshop: Facebook, Website

July/August 2011 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia workshop: FacebookWebsite

August 2011 Lagos, Nigeria workshop: Facebook, Photos of posters/ideas created at workshopVideo of the EventLagos Moving Planet event page