Since last week Friday, thousands of people worldwide are intensifying their demands for institutions to divest from the companies most responsible for causing climate change.

The urgency could not be more heightened: climate change continues to unjustly impact the most vulnerable people worldwide as climate impacts increase in frequency and intensity at a time of lacking climate leadership.

As divestment takes roots in South Africa, we are engaging new and influential audiences by spotlighting climate impacts specifically the drought crisis in Cape Town, where water supply levels are down to less than 100 days.

In the past, public institutions have successfully divested from rogue industries like tobacco and immoral regimes such as Apartheid South Africa, making a powerful statement of the moral obligation to stop funding harmful industries and institutions.

We are calling on you to ramp up the pressure. Tell Mayor Patricia de Lille the time to act is now – demand the city to become a C40 champion by standing with nearly 100 other cities and local governments that have committed to divest from fossil fuels.

Take action now!