Tell the Development Bank of Southern Africa to publicly commit to not funding the Thabametsi coal-fired power plant.


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#ThumaMina: Heed the call, say no to coal DBSA.

The #ThumaMina, DBSA campaign asks the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) to publicly commit to not funding the Thabametsi coal-fired power plant, proposed to be built in Lephalale, Limpopo. Thabametsi is one of 12 coal-fired plants considered under the Independent Power Producers Programme in South Africa. The coal plant will use outdated technology and is set to be extremely emissions intensive, leaving untold impacts on human health, water availability, and agricultural productivity in an age when a new coal plant is a climate crime.

The impacts of climate change are being felt in South Africa today more than ever, and developing another power plant in a water-stressed region stands to threaten communities living in Lephalale. In order to avoid catastrophic climate change, no new coal infrastructure should be built.

While we welcome the Development Bank’s investments in renewable energy initiatives, these positive steps risk being undermined by support for coal infrastructure. Instead, DBSA can play a bigger role in scaling up action on climate change and delivering on the ambitions that South Africa committed to during the global climate talks held in Paris in 2015.

The Life After Coal campaign has made great strides towards stopping Thabametsi and other coal-fired power station projects from going ahead, and we are joining this struggle, focusing on the institutions financing Thabametsi.

We’re calling on the DBSA to commit to not financing Thabametsi coal-fired power plant. It is an opportunity for them to stand out and be a leader amongst financiers in South Africa, and not waiver from fulfilling their development aims of improving affordable energy access for all South Africans.

Ask the DBSA not to fund Thabametsi:

To the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA),

We’re calling on you to publicly commit to not funding Thabametsi coal-fired power station because of the devastating effects this will have in Lephalale, Limpopo, South Africa.

Emissions from Thabametsi are going to be far worse than Eskom’s newest coal-fired power stations, Medupi and Kusile, and even worse than some of the country’s older power plants. Thabametsi should not even be considered because it uses some of the most polluting coal-burning technologies, with a contribution to climate change to match. What is worse, is that the effects of coal on many South Africans are insurmountable. Poor health, conflict, broken homes are but some of the effects of coal.

While we applaud the DBSA’s backing of renewable energy initiatives in South Africa, these positive steps run the risk of being undermined by pouring money into projects like Thabametsi. Renewable energy like wind and solar is not only cleaner but cheaper. Renewable energy works.

We’re calling for a shift in South Africa’s energy system and that begins with putting a stop to plans for any new coal infrastructure. 



Here’s how we’re going to get the DBSA to #ThumaMina:

Plan #1

Stop The Money

Encourage the DBSA management, as responsible leaders, to rise to the occasion, listen to the calls for accountability and show that they care about the citizens of this country by stopping investments in coal and moving towards renewables. 

Plan #2

Building A Movement

Together we can get our leaders to think about us, to listen to our calls for action, to invest properly and to ensure a better legacy for our children. 

Plan #3

Power Shift

It is a new era for South Africa. Out with coal and in with the new. Now is not the time for South Africa to take unnecessary risks as it looks for ways out of energy poverty. It is your chance to show progress, to ensure sustainable energy, to encourage investment in the right energy sources and to inspire new and cleaner investment. It is the new way.