Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 1.29.30 PMToday is launching the first in a series of powerful research reports on how we can transition South Africa’s economy and development away from fossil fuels and towards a just and equitable society powered by renewable energy.

Given the goal of global climate negotiations is to hold average future temperature increase below 2°C, are South Africa’s current commitments to reduce emissions fair and adequate?

The report, Depending on Renewable Energy: South Africa’s Best Development Path provides an overview of South Africa’s energy system, national greenhouse gas emissions and anticipated emissions pathways and interrogates the range stipulated in national policy – the ‘Peak, Plateau and Decline’ or PPD Range.

In other words, it examines our current plans to stop climate change and finds that not only can we do more, but that it is fair to do so and that it would be beneficial to our people and our economy.

A renewable energy revolution could unlock South Africa’s social and economic development, but a change in the political economy is needed to move away from the current preoccupation with big power projects, centralised electricity production and a heavy reliance on coal.

Through the growing global and South African fossil fuel divestment movement, a change in attitudes toward vested interests and ethical investment has begun and the social license of coal is being revoked.

Find out what our next steps are. Download the report here.