Nedbank likes to talk about #ThingsThatReallyMatter, which is really great, because a lot of great things really matter to different people across our diverse continent.

They bring up a lot of good things in these online conversations, but there are a few glaring holes in their list: clean air and water, for instance. Our unique natural heritage, perhaps? Or fighting climate change for the sake of all of our futures.

Behind closed doors, banks like Nedbank, ABSA and Standard Bank are financing massive coal power stations, oil refineries and drilling rigs. This contributes to climate change, uses and pollutes huge amounts of scarce water and affects people’s health.

We’re starting to see that Nedbank knows fossil fuels are not one of the things that really matter.  They’re looking to divest from the coal-fired power station they currently co-own with Investec because it’s obvious that coal is becoming less and less bankable.

But they are still funding other fossil fuel projects, which is putting a lot of #thingsthatREALLYmatter in jeopardy, so now is the time to tell them what truly matters to us.

What is important to you — knowing the air you breathe or water you drink won’t get polluted? Having a bank you can really believe when they call themselves green? Let Nedbank know!

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Or you can tweet some of the things that really matter here: 

Hey @Nedbank, #thingsthatREALLYmatter include unpolluted air that doesn’t kill South Africans. #FossilFreeAfrica

Keeping this water clear is one of the #thingsthatREALLYmatter to me, @Nedbank — time for you to quit fossil fuels!

One of the #thingsthatREALLYmatter to me is SA nature like this. Pls commit not to fund future mines here, @Nedbank?
Drinking water for South Africa that is unused and unpolluted by fossil fuels is definitely one of the #thingsthatREALLYmatter, @Nedbank!
Hey @Nedbank, don’t forget that fighting climate change is also one of the #thingsthatreallymatter — to all of humanity. #FossilFreeAfrica
#thingsthatREALLYmatter = having a bank you can trust to be really green & not secretly fund fossil fuels. Here’s looking at you @Nedbank…
Bringing energy to people off the grid is one of the #thingsthatREALLYmatter for SA, @Nedbank. The fossil fuels you fund aren’t doing this!
Hey @Nedbank, breathable air, drinkable water and a clean energy source are one of the #thingsthatREALLYmatter to me. Please go #FossilFree?