The seemingly obvious reason for planting a fruit tree would be to grow fruit. But in Murang’a County in Kenya, smallholder farmers have discovered several other benefits to investing in their environment:

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 12.36.50 PM
  • provide jobs
  • diversify income
  • boost local economy
  • boost diversity
  • minimise impacts of climate change like landslides
  • help combat climate change

Samuel Ndung’u, spent his time as a young boy watching as his father planted fruit tree nurseries. The trees flourished and when his father died, Samuel doubled his efforts inspiring his community to produce fruits in surplus.

With his family, Samuel’s nursery has over 200,000 fruit trees. He directly employs 7 people and has sold over 600,000 fruit trees since 2010. The community around him in Murang’a has joined in the practice and a multiplier effect can be noted with livelihoods, tree cover, food supply and soil and water conservation flourishing.

Previously, Murang’a County was a constant climate change impact point. Erratic rains caused landslides on the baring slopes due to deforestation. Lives, arable land and livestock were lost. With the community embracing fruit tree farming, the trend has started to reverse.

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