The Climate Justice Coalition

A coalition of South African trade unions, grassroots, community-based and non-profit organisations.

If we are to overcome the power of polluters and politicians blocking action on climate justice, it is going to take all of us fighting together. That is why the Climate Justice Coalition (CJC) is coming together to build a deeper, stronger, and more powerful movement. 


Together we are working on advancing a transformative climate justice agenda, which works to tackle the inequality, poverty and unemployment that pervades South Africa. We are advocating for a vision of climate justice which advances environmental, energy, gender, racial, immigrant, climate, and economic justice together.

Latest updates

Media Alert

Climate Justice Coalition to march to the Office of the Presidency on Nelson Mandela Day to deliver emergency energy plan petition

Open Letter to President Ramaphosa

Mr President, it’s time to fix the Department of Mineral Resources & Energy so South African can tackle the dual climate and energy crises we face. That starts with replacing Minister Mantashe with more capable leadership suited to the task ahead.



Our coalition is working to transform the largest climate polluter on the continent – South Africa’s national utility, Eskom. Our #GreenNewEskom campaign is demanding a rapid and just transition to a more socially owned renewable energy powered economy, providing clean, safe & affordable energy for all, with no worker and community left behind in the transition. Get involved & demand a Green New Eskom at:


Connected to our Green New Eskom campaign, we are pushing for change at the biggest obstacle to a just climate, energy and mining future – the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy under Minister Gwede Mantashe. We are taking a stand against their harmful, polluting, & corrupt agenda. In September 2021, thousands of us mobilised at DMRE offices across the country under the banner of #UprootTheDMRE. The call continues. For more details and to get involved,visit: .

Just Recovery

Our coalition is demanding a just recovery from the social and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. We need a recovery that puts people and planet first, not corporate profits and polluters. We have released a report envisioning a just and transformative recovery. We also hosted a national art competition encouraging people to envision a just recovery for South Africa. For more information visit 

Just Us and the Climate Podcast

The Climate Justice Coalition is developing popular education programs on climate justice. As part of those efforts, we host a podcast called Just Us and the Climate. The podcast aims to show how climate change is not only a crisis, but an opportunity to build a better, more just world. It is freely available online, is open access and free for use at:


Organisations that would like to join the coalition can email or fill out this form with their details.