December 12, 2019

Corrected statement on Bargny


12 December 2019

Senelec’s DG (and not President Sall) foreshadowed government plans to turn the controversial Bargny coal plant project into a gas-fired plant

DAKAR, Senegal – In a recent statement, 350Africa stated that “the President of Senegal Macky Sall announced the cancellation of the Bargny coal-fired plant, in line with the country’s commitments under the Paris Agreement”.
This statement was partially incorrect.

In an interview on December 1st, on the TV program Jury Du Dimanche, Senelec’s DG Pape Diemba Bieteye confirmed that the President had given instructions to turn the Bargny (Sendou) power plant into a gas-fired one, ostensibly dropping plans for the plant to run on coal. “Les instructions que nous avons reçues de monsieur le Président c’est de la transformer au gaz” said Mr. Bieteye.

However, the President of Senegal has not made official statements about this policy change, contrary to what we had incorrectly claimed.

350Africa apologizes to members of the press for the partially incorrect information, which was an unfortunate over-simplification of the available information, shared in an attempt to convey the full scale of the policy change at stake.

We are also aware that the timing of our release, on December 10th, might have induced some members of the press to believe that the President had made an official statement about the Bargny plant, which is not the case.

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Landry Ninteretse, Regional Team Leader,