March 14, 2023 reacts to Cyclone Freddy, underscores urgent need for action to address intensifying climate impacts

Africa– stands in solidarity with people and partners affected by Cyclone Freddy, which has devastated communities in Malawi and Mozambique. The storm, which is said to be the longest-ever tropical cyclone on record, first developed in Australia in February and travelled across the southern Indian ocean. Reports indicated that the cyclone has led to the loss of over 100 lives so far and left a trail of destruction of infrastructure and property in its wake after hitting Africa for the second time in a month on Saturday. While expressing deep concern for those affected, notes the vulnerability of African communities to intense and recurrent climate impacts and emphasizes the need for increased climate financing to support communities in building resilience to the same.

Landry Ninteretse, Regional Director, said, “As a climate justice organization, we are concerned about the impact of this tropical cyclone on the affected communities. We express our sympathies to the communities and partners affected by this disaster and call on humanitarian agencies to move with speed to save lives. Needless to say, disasters such as these are further evidence of the injustice suffered by the nations that contribute least to the climate crisis, as they bear the brunt of the crisis, by way of worsening climate impacts. This situation calls for the world’s biggest polluters like TotalEnergies to commit to significantly lowering their greenhouse gas emissions by moving away from fossil fuels like the Mozambique LNG project, as well as for the wealthy nations and development finance institutions such as the African Development Bank (AfDB) to deliver climate finance to help the most affected build resilience to impacts of the climate crisis.”