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Iganga, Uganda

The 350 global work party took place at Iganga High School took yesterday on 8th October 2010. The event took place from 3pm due to other school programs that were in progress during the course of

Kinshasa, DRC gets to work

Grande Fete du Travail du 10/10/10 à Kinshasa en Congo DRC.

Chers Amis, bonjour

Comme convenu, les activités se sont deroulées dans les sites de N’Djili vu que
le programme du jardin qui devait etre amenagé

Mombasa, Kenya gets 10/10/10 early!

After various activities this week with school groups, universities and faith-based groups, a large group met today to clean up Shelly Beach and plant trees in Likoni South Coast, and share their learnings about climate change.