Two weeks after its crane protest in Quatre Bornes, Mauritius, AzirMoris strikes again!

The operation with code name RAY of LIGHT, scheduled at 9:00 am by activist group AzirMoris on 21st February 2013, aimed at deploying a 5m x 15m banner down the Albion Lighthouse a few metres away from the  CT POWER 110 MW plant site, in the North Western part of the island, 10 minutes from Port Louis.
When AzirMoris got on site, the group found a welcoming comittee made up of 100 policemen. Although they didn’t get the opportunity to get into the lighthouse, they managed to deploy their banner banner in front of the building.
 AzirMoris decided then to apply its plan B and moved to secondary objective, the Old Sydney-Styled Bridge in Grand River North West.  Six activists climbed to the top of the 30ft metallic structure to deploy the NO TO COAL banner. They were on top of the structure from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm with police presence but, no arrests were made.
This action aimed at building awareness about the coal issue threatening Mauritius. The action was well received by passers-by and shared through social networks.
AzirMoris has vowed to keep up and intensify the pressure with a series of punctual actions and public meetings in various towns of the country, with the aim of organising a massive demonstration later during the year.
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