In an area experiencing its worst drought in 60 years, over 100 young people in six youth groups (at 3 different sites) took climate action today as part of the 10/10/10 Global Work Party. They are part of the Siyabona “Youth Living with Purpose” programme in the Vulamehlo and Buhlebezwe areas of southern KwaZulu Natal in South Africa.

In the year, the municipalities were sporadic in bringing water to drought-stricken communities, resulting in people having to use contaminated water and walk long distances to try find water sources. So the first order of business today was the youth writing letters asking their political leaders to implement local policies on climate change that will ensure people in rural areas are not left without water. These letters will be delivered to their local municipalities on Monday. The youth also learned about the value of indigenous, drought-resistant food plants and the need to reintroduce these into the present diet of community members. The late spring rains have just started and the prayer is that these will continue to relieve the drought. As rainfall improves, the youth will plant indigenous food gardens and develop a traditional food seed bank.

The groups have amazing names: “Kwampondo Angels of Tomorrow”, “Ekuphuleni Flowers of the Nation”, “Young Stars of Tomorrow”, the “Graze Boys”, “Bhadane Young Generation” and “Joliviet Stars”!