Are you tired of watching the world burn while a select few bask in obscene profits? Well, we are too, and it’s time to channel that frustration into action.

On November 3-4, we’re calling on governments to get their act together and reclaim the excessive profits of the fossil fuels industry. Whether it’s through taxes, ending subsidies, or stopping investments in new fossil fuel projects, they need to use this money to supercharge a global renewable energy revolution—one that’s fair and shares resources equally.

Everybody get up for Power Up

Power Up is the name, and it’s not just any initiative—it’s a worldwide movement led by the unstoppable force of people from every corner of the Earth. We’re here to tell you that the time for action is now, and we’ve got the tools, tech, and know-how to make a fast and just transition to renewable energy systems a reality. The only thing missing? You guessed it—putting fossil fuels in the rearview mirror and speeding toward community-centered renewable projects.


Our Secret Weapon: People Power

We’ve been to Climate Weeks around the world, we’ve marched, we’ve advocated and we did it all to get our voices heard. Now we’re teaming up with local groups, and communities to show that people power and renewable solutions are our weapons of choice in the battle against the climate-wrecking fossil fuel industry. As the fossil fuel giants prepare to announce their next round of obscene profits (right before the UN global climate talks, COP28), we’re gearing up to demand that governments shift their cash and political clout away from fossil fuels and toward community-centered renewables.

Let’s call it what it is: the rapid heating of our planet is no accident; it’s a crime perpetrated by a greedy few. For years, they’ve blocked climate action, all to protect their absurd wealth. But guess what? They’re not invincible. It’s time to break free from the chains of coal, oil, and gas and make the polluters pay for the urgent transformation we desperately need.

We’re taking to the streets not just in anger but with a burning hope in our hearts. We know there’s a better future, and we’re determined to build it. People all over the world are already leading the charge towards a clean, just, and renewable world. Wind and solar power are smashing records year after year and getting cheaper by the day. We’ve got the tools and technology to make this transition a reality. What’s missing? Political will.

Whether you’re calling out rich countries for their historical emissions, taking bold actions against fossil fuel displays of wealth, or gathering in public spaces to share our vision for the future, there’s a place for everyone in this fight. Together, we’re stronger, more creative, and more united than ever before.

Our Demands Are Simple: Pay Up and Power Up

  1. Pay Up: Make fossil fuel companies cough up the cash. Governments should impose taxes on their unjust profits, eliminate subsidies, investments, and loans to these companies, and support renewable energy initiatives rooted in justice.
  2. Power Up: Unleash the money to fund renewable energies. Governments must redirect financial resources towards renewable energies on all levels—local, national, and global. These resources should match the scale and urgency of the climate crisis and ensure equitable distribution worldwide.

We want a future powered by renewable energies that’s just and accessible to everyone. And the key to that future is clear: take the money from the pockets of the fossil fuel industry and shift it towards renewable energy systems rooted in justice.While we’re grappling with the impacts of the climate crisis, especially in Africa, like prolonged droughts in the Horn of Africa, torrential rain and floods in South Africa’s Cape and soaring energy bills all around, fossil fuel companies are rolling in cash. Energy giants like BP, Shell, ExxonMobil, Equinor, and Total are breaking records and making the rich even richer while leaving the world more unequal. It’s high time we build renewable energy infrastructure at lightning speed and work together across borders to tackle the climate and inequality crises head-on.Governments that have been supporting the fossil fuel industry need to change their ways too. They should target these companies’ profits with every financial mechanism available—taxes, subsidies, investments, and loans must be redirected to support renewable energy. We need an international action plan for an equitable distribution of funds so that those who’ve contributed the least to the climate crisis can adapt and transition to cleaner energy systems.

No Matter Where You Are, Join the Global Movement.

From Australia’s shift from coal to solar power to Brazil’s demand for justice and energy access, from exposing the greed of fossil fuel companies in Senegal and France to reclaiming public spaces to manifest our vision worldwide, you too can share your voice. Check out the work that some groups have been doing on the ground and join them as they’re organizing for Power Up.

Browse through our exciting events worldwide and join any other event. You can even organize your own Power Up event and we’ve got all the resources you need to help you make it happen, with so much more right here 👉🏾

On October 4th, you can also join our global webinar to learn about ways you can participate. You’ll get to hear from:

👉 Climate campaigning experts on how we can fund our renewables-powered future.
👉 Communities with stories of solutions-powered resistance from all over.
👉 Organisers with practical tips and guidance to help you get involved.
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There’s a whirlwind of exciting actions happening all around the world, and you can be part of it—whether in person or online. Talk about to your friends and family, share the information on your socials and let’s get as many people hyped up as we can.

It’s time to join the movement in powering up our future. Together, we’ve got the power to make a change that benefits us, our planet, and generations to come. #PowerUpForChange ⚡⚡