Climate activists in Africa will hold events and actions this week, from 22 to 24 September, to amplify the call for urgent climate action. This will be happening in tandem with the Global Climate Strikes set to take place across the world on 24th September. 

Why are these actions vital? Africa is facing devastating climate impacts such as flooding, wildfires, and droughts that are being witnessed in different parts of the continent. These actions are a necessary step for the African climate movement to take part in as we call on our governments to address the climate crisis, bring an end to fossil fuel exploration and accelerate plans for a just transition to clean energy.

With the recently released Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, the rate of surface temperature increase in Africa has been more rapid than the global average and climate impacts are projected to get worse – these facts make this week’s climate actions more vital. In order for the climate movement in Africa to be successful, it has become clear that strong, sustained actions are required to lower carbon emissions significantly to limit climate change.

Here are some of the virtual and on-site activities, by location, that are happening across Africa which you may be able to take part in:


      • 22 to 27 September: Activists will be mobilising against the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy (DMRE) and are calling for a just energy and mining future in South Africa. Events will be happening all across the 9 provinces in South Africa. Details on the activities, time and locations here:

NIGERIA (Virtual)

      • 23 September: The #CoalFreeNigeria campaign will be hosting a webinar to deliberate on the state of coal mining in Nigeria and sensitize attendees on the need for Nigeria to shift away from coal mining activities. Registration currently ongoing here.


      • 24 September: Delivery of the Fossil-Free Virunga petition calling for an end to oil exploration in Virunga to parliamentary representatives, for delivery to President Felix Tshisekedi.
      • 24 September: A screening of Fossil Free Virunga short film at Université libre de Pays du Grand Lac.

Accra, GHANA

      • 24 September: A letter delivery to the Ministry of Energy offices in the 5 regions of Ghana by the 350 Ghana Reducing our Campaign (350GROC). This letter calls for the inclusion and collaboration with youth and local communities in the implementation of renewable energy plans. 

Nairobi, KENYA

      • 24 September: There will be a peaceful march to the Ministry of Environment to demand that the government desists from allocating funds to coal, in the national budget. 

University of Parakou, BENIN

      • 24 September: Youth Dialogue on the IPCC report to share key issues emerging from the report with the media and address the need for urgent actions which keep fossil fuel in the ground and increase the ambition on renewable energy. 

Kampala, UGANDA

      • 24 September: Mural installation to highlight the #StopEACOP campaign.

Lome, TOGO

      • 24 September: Delivery of parachute banners with renewable energy messages and demands for renewable energy ambitions in the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) as well as the accelerated implementation of these plans.

Would you like to stay updated on the events as they happen? Tune in via our 350 Africa social media pages: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.