If you attend a 350 Africa action for the first time, you might be surprised that there are probably no 350Africa.org staff running the show.

350 is a movement more than an organization. We use grassroots organizing to run locally-driven campaigns in every corner of the globe.

350Africa.org’s small team of paid staff supports grassroots activists running their own independent, loosely affiliated organizations and campaigns across the continent.

The climate crisis is about power — but not just the kind of power that keeps the lights on. We believe that the only way we’ll see meaningful action on climate change is if we can counter the power of the fossil fuel industry with the power of people taking collective action.

We use online tools to connect that power, help those people see themselves as one movement, and to facilitate public actions.

At 350Africa.org, we:

  • have a positive, energetic, and solution-focused attitude
  • allow space for critical, constructive debate and engagement
  • always remain ethical and honest in our interactions with each other
  • are reliable, accountable, and trustworthy in our work and interactions
  • interact with others with compassion, humility and integrity
  • have an awareness of and respect for diversity of people and the planet
  • co-create in an environment where we are supported, understood, and included
  • work in a sustainable manner in terms of our resources and ourselves
  • are aware of our privilege and generous with our power
  • challenge ourselves and each other to be innovative risk-takers
  • have fun and approach our work with love