2020 – a year that tested us all.

“The darkest hour is just before dawn.”

2020 has tested us in ways we couldn’t predict. From the devastation of the coronavirus pandemic, to unprecedented climate disasters uprooting frontline communities, millions of families are fighting with all they have to make ends meet. Meanwhile, the fossil fuel industry continues to make billions at the expense of our planet.

Despite all the challenges, we are still able to end the year on a high note with irreversible momentum on our side going into the new year.

We are deeply grateful to all our partners, allies and supporters. The wins we have seen this year is because of incredible efforts of people across our African climate movement. 

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Looking Back

At times like these, it’s easy to lose sight of hope. But now more than ever, we need to keep fighting.

Photo Highlights

Looking Ahead

As we hurl towards 2021, a lot of things are uncertain, but there’s one thing we know for sure: decisions made now in response to COVID-19 will shape our lives for years to come.

A call on the Minister of Finance to insist that the DBSA and IDC invest in a clean energy future with social and climate justice at the heart of transition away from fossil fuels.

Video Highlights

Videos from 350Africa.org mobilisations, actions, events, and from the frontlines of climate change.

Let’s start with some music with Rocky Dawuni

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Global COP26


#AfrikaVuka Caravan


Goldman Prize 2020

#JustRecovery Art Challenge

What a just recovery means to me



Financing In Common – Africa

Divestment announcement


5 Just Recovery Principles

Climate check

No Fossil Fuels IDC


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Although 2020 has been a really difficult year in many ways, I have been deeply touched by the resilience, determination and fighting spirit of our team and our partners. Far from being disheartened, we had to adjust our plans and strategies and to find creative ways to keep fighting for a fossil-free planet. We hope to intensify such work in the year ahead and launch new local, regional and global initiatives aimed at ensuring bold climate action and justice for all.

Landry Ninteretse, 350Africa.org Managing Director

Headlines and News Coverage

Some of the top headlines from 2020

  • Ghanaian Environmentalist Wins the 2020 Goldman Environmental Prize. >>
  • During COVID-19 Crisis, Are African Development Bank’s (AfDB) Policy Any Climate-Friendly? >>
  • A golden opportunity for SA’s public finance institutions to stop funding fossil fuel projects >>
  • The road to a just recovery for South Africa: No going back to normal >>
  • It’s time to end the global south’s indebted servitude >>
  • Exclusive: Consortium pulls plug on South Africa’s Thabametsi coal plant >>
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