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Why Kenya should not drill its oil reserves

The plummeting in oil prices in the recent past has had the world in general looking at renewable sources of energy not only as an alternative source of energy but as the future main source of energy for nations. (More...)

The amazing #WeFightClimateChange Concert that went down in Nairobi

[This blog was written by Prince Papa from the 350 Kenya team] It is on a Friday, and after several weeks of planning, meetings, phone calls, short messages within and from outside Kenya I arrive at the Kenya national Theater! By this time I am sure that I have done enough to make the day (More...)

The Kenyan trees that offset climate change, empower smallholder farmers, and boost local economy

The seemingly obvious reason for planting a fruit tree would be to grow fruit. But in Murang’a County in Kenya, smallholder farmers have discovered several other benefits to investing in their environment: provide jobs diversify income boost local economy boost diversity minimise impacts of climate change like landslides help combat climate change Samuel Ndung’u, spent (More...)

From Garissa to Durban we stand in solidarty against violence and xenophobia

It has been a terrible month for Kenya and a tough last week for South Africa. First the appalling massacre of 147 students at Garissa university saw many people across the continent joining in solidarity as Kenya grieved. This last week Durban and Johannesburg have seen a return of xenophobic violence directed at foreign nationals, (More...)

Over a million Kenyan people are facing famine

According to the Kenyan government, at least 1.6 million Kenyans are facing famine that has been linked to failed rainfall in Mandera, Garissa, Isiolo, Wajir, parts of Tana River County, and other areas. Crop failure has been reported in some of the areas that were otherwise productive if there was to be reliable rainfall. It’s (More...)