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Why #WeFightClimateChange

Why are we stepping up the action to fight for climate justice over the next couple of months? For a few simple and serious reasons: 2015 is on track to be the hottest year ever recorded. The previous year that held that record was 2014. What do you expect 2016 will do? This is the (More...)


Exploring Climate Connections: First in a Series

By May Boeve, 350.org executive director: This is the first in an ongoing series of blogs I’ll be doing about how climate change, and the work of 350.org, connect to other major movements and global issues that are surging. This kind of work isn’t new for us, and in fact, we often speak out and (More...)

Northern Africa

From Cape Town to Amman, #WeFightClimateChange

There’s something I’ve been struggling with lately: the image of suited world leaders meeting in giant conference rooms at COP21 in Paris in December that just doesn’t fit with the real image of climate change that so many people are facing across our continent. The Paris negotiations could potentially send a signal that world governments (More...)

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Another reason why renewable energy is the future

If you follow climate news at all, you’ve probably heard someone (likely a politician or corporate executive) say something along the lines of “we need more coal power to lift Africans out of poverty” at some stage before. But lines like that are proving to be the last gasp of a dying industry again and again (More...)