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Photo Story : Uncool Fossil Fool

Coal, oil and gas are fossil fuels. Burning them gives off greenhouse gas emissions that stay in the atmosphere. This the earth unnaturally hot, with consequences like rising sea levels, floods, droughts, wildfires and extreme weather conditions (More...)

Nile Day: Voices and Stories from Egypt

The ‘Nile Day: Voices And Stories’ performance, organised by 350 Egypt on February 22nd in downtown Cairo, was part of 350 Arab World and 350 Africa’s celebration of the annual Nile Day. The performance aimed at creating discussion about the importance of confronting climate change and its impacts on the Nile. The event included 3 different (More...)

Northern Africa

The Nile’s journey

My earliest memories of the Nile River go back to the late 80s, when on weekends my family and I enjoyed picnicking on the shores of the river Ruvyironza and walking along that river which is one of the main tributaries of the Nile, southern Burundi, a few kilometers of Rutovu where the southernmost source (More...)

Nedbank’s Dirty Love Affair

Nedbank, one of South Africa’s biggest banks, is having a dirty love affair with coal.  The bank, which portrays itself as the country’s only green bank, has been cheating on Renewable Energy – having a dirty, sneaky love affair with coal. This Valentine’s Day, South Africans asked Nedbank to renew its vows to a sustainable (More...)