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Growing resistance to halt the first coal-fired power plant in Kenya

The Kenyan governmental plan to build a $ 2 billion coal-fired power plant in the area known as Kwasasi in Lamu county is facing continuous growing resistance from community members and activists, actively mobilising and working to stop a project which is likely to cause health damages to communities, contaminate water resources and decimate mangrove (More...)

Water for people first!

Water resources are important to both society and ecosystems. And the access to safe drinking water plus adequate sanitation services is vital to every human being. We all depend on a reliable, clean supply of drinking water to sustain our health. We need water for agriculture, energy production, navigation, manufacturing, etc. However, today 650 million (More...)

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Clôture de la campagne GPS au Congo.

Ce samedi 09 Août, la grande famille des militants climatiques en RDC mobilise à Kinshasa pour les travaux de restitution et d’évaluation de la campagne GPS. Démarré au mois de février dernier, ce projet a permis  – au travers des séances d’échanges, d’information et de sensibilisation – d’éclairer l’opinion, les leaders et les médias sur (More...)

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Vers une nouvelle vision de 350 AME

Chers ami(e)s et supporters, J’ai le plaisir de vous présenter quelques brèves nouvelles à propos de notre organisation et actions dans les prochaines années. Avant tout, je vous informe que l’appellation de notre organisation a changé. Désormais, on parle de 350 Afrique et Moyen Orient (au lieu de 350 Afrique et Monde Arabe). Deuxième, nous (More...)


Power is shifting in Kenya

By Carol Wambui, Kenya Power Shift Limuru was freezing. 6 degrees for us in the equator like Kenya, this is way too cold. The rains never stopped pounding down on us for the three days almost ruining our fun Power Shift Boot camp. But we had made the most amazing choices in selecting participants because (More...)

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